Bessingby 'Grow-on' Business Units

The first construction project to come forward through the Bridlington Regeneration programme.


Project cost: £1,128,000
Funding source:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council £351,000
  • European Regional Development Fund £405,000
  • Yorkshire Forward £372,000
Bridlington Business Centre Bridlington Business Centre

As part of the Regeneration Study work, evidence showed that there was an urgent need to develop small office/workshop type accommodation at Bessingby Industrial Estate for fledgling businesses. The research found that Bridlington has higher than average numbers of self-employed and entrepreneurs, and that these small businesses play a very important part in Bridlington's economy. The research also identified a lack of good quality business space for firms that have started successfully, often using the existing Business Centre 'Start Up' units, requiring somewhere larger to move into in order to expand their business.


Bessingby 'Grow-on' Business Units Bessingby 'Grow-on' Business Units


Constructed by William Birch & Sons Ltd of York, the 'grow-on' business units at Enterprise Way on Bessingby Industrial Estate were officially opened by Terry Hodgkinson, Chairman of Yorkshire Forward, on 8 March 2006.  Four of the units are 990 sq ft with a mezzanine overhead store area and two units are 1220 sq ft open plan design.

For further information on availability of the units and other business centre accommodation please call Bridlington Business Centre on 01262 401399 or email